Kapatens demands SEK 103,000,000 payment from Swedish companies
08 Feb 2021

Approximately 1,700 prior preference shareholders who have not received dividends have registered for Kapatens’ group claims against five Swedish companies. By transferring their claims to Kapatens, prior preference shareholders may now receive payment to which they are entitled from the companies.

On 29 January 2021, Kapatens demanded payment in a total amount of approx. SEK 103,000,000. The companies that have not paid dividends as decided to their prior preference shareholders and therefore are requested to now make payment are Balder (SEK 75,000,000), Ratos (SEK 14,700,000). Tobin Properties (SEK 6,200,000), Högkullen (SEK 5,500,000) and Victoria Park (SEK 1,600,000). The amounts include interest and are payable within ten days.

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