Group claim against Polestar totalling 262,500,000 NOK
26 Mar 2021

Kapatens organizes a group claim against Polestar Norway to seek potential recovery for Norwegian owners of the electric car Polestar 2 in a total amount of approximately 262,500,000 NOK or more due to misrepresentations regarding the range of the car.

Polestar Norway for a long time sold and marketed its electric car Polestar 2 by stating that the car with good margin could be driven from Oslo to Hemsedal and back (408 km) without recharging the battery. It was later discovered that said statement was false and it was adjusted by Polestar, which instead set out that the car can only be driven from Oslo to Norefjell and back without recharging (222 km). This means that the car is defect and that Polestar has provided false and inaccurate statements. Approximately 3,500 persons have purchased Polestar 2 in Norway during the relevant period. Our preliminary assessment is that a price reduction may correspond to no less than 15 percent of the sales price.

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