Kapatens organizes group claims of up to 234,000,000 SEK
09 Nov 2020

Kapatens organizes group claim projects to seek potential recovery of up to 234,000,000 SEK (excluding interest) for unpaid dividends to preference shareholders in five major Swedish companies: Balder (150 MSEK), Ratos (63 MSEK), Högkullen (9 MSEK), Tobin Properties (6,5 MSEK) and Victoria Park (5,5 MSEK).

We have instructed the law firms Baker McKenzie and Hannes Snellman to act as counsel. Our team at Baker McKenzie (claims against Balder, Högkullen, Tobin Properties and Victoria Park) is led by partner and law professor Carl Svernlöv for corporate issues and senior counsel Jonas Benedictsson for litigation issues. Our team at Hannes Snellman (claim against Ratos) is led by partner and litigation expert Pontus Ewerlöf and partner and doctor of corporate law Ola Åhman.


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